Waterfall Cannery Now and Then

Five years ago, after I retired from my professional work, I was interested to find out what happened to the first cannery I worked at. When I looked up Waterfall cannery online, I was surprised to find that the cannery was shut down after the 1970 season and the place was turned into a fishing resort in the 1980s. This discovery piqued my interest in canneries and the history of Chinese workers.

In 1970, on my first trip to Alaska, my mind was filled with excitement, as we look down at this cannery from the floatplane. My first thought was: “Wow, this is such a beautiful place, it looks just like a resort – and a perfect place to spend a summer.” My thought was right, it was a great place to spend a summer; and I was also right, it did become a resort.

I looked up online, if you travel from Ketchikan to Waterfall for a 4 days 3 nights vacation, the package cost roughly $5000. You can stay in this beautiful lakeside lodge – that’s where the cannery workers used to stay for FREE.

You can also stay in this luxury suit, it comes with 2 queensize bed, bathroom, sitting area, and wet bar. This is the Egghouse Suit — that’s exactly the same shabby egghouse where I used to work. See the photo below.

Today, I’d love to go back there and visit — but I probably can’t afford to stay in the Egghouse Suite.

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