Almost 50 years ago…

It was in early June 1970, that we had this photo taken at International Longshoremen and Warehousemen’s Union (ILWU) Local 37 in Seattle, Washington. From left, we have Michael, Philip, Jim, Allen, and Willie. It was a day of dispatching, and we were there awaiting eagerly for an opportunity to find employment in Alaska canneries. We were all college students and foreign students from Taiwan, in our late teens. My twin brother, Philip, and I, were freshmen from University of Washington. Michael and Allen are also brothers and college students, whom we had known for several years from our days in Libya. Willie was a new friend, who had came from Oregon to Seattle looking for summer job. On that particular day, we did not get dispatched, and that was the beginning of our month long quest to find a job in Alaska canneries…

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